Youth Forum Nepal

Youth Forum Nepal (YFN) is a non-government, non-profit making social organization established in 2007 by a group of motivated professionals working in the field of social work. Because of persisting vicious circle of poverty and escalating disturbing political and social environment every now and then, Nepalese youths’ choice is to go abroad and earn money as much as they can, paradoxically which builds the general thinking phenomena of every youth in the nook and corner of the country. In keeping view of this ground reality, Youth Forum Nepal vows to put young people to participate in the community and overall youth development process with appropriate materials and tools. YFN believes that youth are the real social actors and without their participation, it is futile to dream of community development. This has thus, realized the pool of strengthening relationship between social development organizations and local people especially the youth within the country.
Youth Forum Nepal firmly believes that young people need to be put at the forefront of change and development thus can develop and lead effective role on securing better health, particularly in HIV/AIDS, life skills and livelihoods contexts. YFN aims at bringing positive changes in the society through social, psychological, moral, educational and intellectual transformations of youth through their active participation. Youth of this age have ample potentials and ideas, but lack orientation and guidance, which we have understood very closely.
We believe, without participation of youth and their existence, every community-based development program or plan is null. Thus, youth’s role in executing developmental actions and creating awareness is highly remarkable and of significant importance, too. Youth Forum Nepal has therefore, pressurized this issue umpteen no. of times to the concerned authorities. Decreasing the foreign-going trend in search of job is our major initiative to make realise the youth from rural community. As already stated, without the existence of young people, neither any development takes place, nor is anybody widely encouraged or aware.


Youth Forum Nepal’s mission is to work with all youth regardless of creed; cast, culture and societal background, to collectively strive for a society that is self-aware, violence free and well-disciplined advocating, sensitizing and awaring youth on various issues.
Our mission is mostly based on youth initiative, set up and carried out by young people within our network. We would love to impart our ideas through initiatives, which give us an opportunity to be directly and actively involved in planning and carrying out projects. Participation in our program through our little initiative is an important non-formal learning experience.


The objectives of Youth Forum Nepal are as follows:

  • Overall youth awareness and empowering youth through knowledge, skills and available resources with the help of youth’s active participation.
  • Human rights preservation, capacity building and provide humanitarian assistance during emergency and conflict.
  • Assisting young people toward sustainable development Campaign against combating HIV/AIDS and other STDs, its wide publicity and programs of equal youth participation.
  • Advocating Adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights and programs in eradicating gender-based violence.
  • Awareness campaign for gender equality, rights to education, rights to employment etc.Spread the better ways of self-employment and entrepreneurship to reduce unemployment problem.
  • Organise civic awareness campaign such as workshops on anti-drug, anti-smoking, anti-alcohol. Creating a movement against various addictions.
  • Stop violence against children and women, programs on education to street and migrated child and youth.
  • Stop human trafficking especially young girls, organise awakening programs against trafficking and other sexually harassment cases.
  • Engage youth with a good understanding of their needs and priorities and involve in all types of development programs in their communities.
  • Built in communities to excel in education, lead in their communities, and succeed professionally to develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people, in particular in order.
  • To foster social cohesion in the Nepalese society.
  • To foster mutual understanding between young people in different countries.
  • To contribute to developing the quality of support systems for youth activities and the capabilities of civil society organizations in the youth field.