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Youth Forum Nepal (YFN) is a non-government, non-profit making social organization established in 2007 by a group of motivated professionals working in the field of social work. YFN aims of enterprising youths that seek to bring positive changes in the society through moral, social, psychological, and intellectual transformations of youths. Youths have potentials and ideas but they lack orientation and we are here to provide them with appropriate materials and tools. YFN works to strengthen bonds between young people and their community.

We all agree that pessimism never solves any problems. Optimism makes it more likely for us to find viable solutions in a given situation. If we think negatively about a problem no matter how much we discuss it, the outcome is going to be nil. But if we are optimistic, energized and motivated chances are that we may find new answers to the same old problems- this is the basic principle of YOUTH FORUM.

YOUTH FORUM is a highly charged volatile interactive discussion, touching and throwing light on important issues concerning youth. It will be an eye opener to the plethora of issues youth face today.

Initially Youth Forum went on air through Nepal Television & NTV 2 for last four consecutive years. Now Youth Forum is planned to go on air through a private television station. This program has been known boon for youth activists, students, policy-makers, entrepreneurs etc. Youth Forum has more than 40 participants in one program and has its kind of own in the modern television arena. You can not see any other Youth Discussion Show having maximum number of participants except Youth Forum.

Youth Forum has the chemistry of information and debate in an entertainment way. A number of viewers look forward this one and only informative program every week. Program is hosted and produced by Mr. Pralhad Giri.

To participate in Youth Forum, you can directly write to Mr. Pralhad Giri writing an e-mail at