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Youth Forum Nepal (YFN) is a non-government, non-profit making social organization established in 2007 by a group of motivated professionals working in the field of social work. YFN aims of enterprising youths that seek to bring positive changes in the society through moral, social, psychological, and intellectual transformations of youths. Youths have potentials and ideas but they lack orientation and we are here to provide them with appropriate materials and tools. YFN works to strengthen bonds between young people and their community.
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YFN Working Committee re-shuffled
Kathmandu, July 05, 2013:

The 5th Annual General Meeting of Youth Forum Nepal has elected new nine-members working committee for Youth Forum Nepal effective from July 6, 2013. Those elected in the committee are Mr. Bijay Bist as Chairperson, Mr. Surendra Mahto Khulwat as Vice Chairman, Mr. Niranjan Pariyar as General Secretary, Mr. Gyabin Man Amatya as Secretary, and Ms. Divya Giri, Ms. Sunita Puri, Mr. Rajendra Mani Sigdel and Ms. Dipenti Shrestha & Ms. Ratnamala Chaudhary as members. The committee members has extensive profiles of their fields in youth advocacy, awareness and capacity building training initiatives. Through this new committee, the objectives of Youth Forum Nepal are expected to get fulfilled according to its mission statement.

The immediate chairperson Mr. Pralhad Giri, however stands in as Technical Advisor. Mr. Giri has congratulated new committee members and hoped to get new high in their leadership for Youth Forum in coming days. The new work committee members seemed thrilled and excited during the AGM, however, an oath-taking ceremony is yet to be scheduled.


Mr. Giri awarded with PTI Award in India
New Delhi, May 12, 2009

Mr. Pralhad Giri, Chairman of Youth Forum Nepal has been awarded with Press Trust of India Award 2009 amidst Convocation Program of Diploma in Development Journalism held in New Delhi by Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) in May 11, 2009. Mr. Giri was given the award to his excellent presentation for Nepal's Country Paper on economic, social and development issues. With the participation of 20 journalists of Africa, Latin America, Central, East and South Asia, Mr. Giri represented on behalf of Nepal on the course. The award carries a cash of ten thousand Indian rupees with felicitation certificate. The course was sponsored under Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) of Ministry for External Affairs, Govt. of India.

Common network could help overcome youth group tussle
concludes the youth leader's joint meet at roundtable
Kathmandu, September 30.

Youth from different organizations are unanimously agreed to form a common network of youth from all facets of society to end the ongoing tussle within the youth group working under different political parties. They came up with this conclusion at a time where the rate of tussle between youth group, mainly YCL & Youth Force is at alarming rate.


The youth leaders at the roundtable warned the government to provide allowance to unemployed youth if it fails to ensure employment to them. Participating in Youth Roundtable Interaction Program organized by Youth Forum Nepal, various youth leaders stressed that mere formulating youth policy, youth parliament and youth commission is not satisfactory, rather those needs to be fully equipped with necessary resources, mechanisms and certain roadmaps.

Talking as Chief Guest, Minister for Local Development Ramchandra Jha opined that youth need to be mobilized at local level for the overall development, adding that government thus formed Ministry for Youth. 'The development budget of Village Development Committee has been allocated from fifteen lacs to thirty lacs; the development works by this budget is possible only youth are effectively mobilized." Jha said pointing out the strike of the day organized by Janmorcha Nepal opposing federalism, "it's high time come up with your agendas, rather than burning tyres, vandalizing public amenities, making self-declared strike, following the leaders who has no agenda for nation." Minister Jha advocated consolidating youth from political parties and social organizations to collectively strive for peace building campaign. He was addressing that government is making all possible ways in mobilizing youth in local level for peace building and development works.

.The roundtable covered a wide range of popular youth leaders from political parties youth wing, youth CA members, student unions, activists from youth-led development organizations which has four session as Activities & Future Plans of Youth Organizations, Roadmap/Role of Youth for peace sustainability and Common Agenda of Youth. A range of wide debate and interaction amongst youth leaders and other common youth participants was held during each session.

Participating in roundtable from NCP Maoist's Youth Organization, Young Communist Leage Nepal, Mr. Chandra Bahadur Thapa alias Sagar, the Kathmandu Valley In-charge said that the identification of youth are not merely confined in strikes, slogan chanting and protests, rather they have constructive role in development. Responding to a participant's query about YCL has not been come out of its semi-military structure and notorious activities, Thapa said, "This is not time to poke the allegations each other. YCL is centralized this time, in constructive roads, small-river bridges and managing rural areas." Thapa also a CA member said ahead, "YCL doesn't have policy to work taking weapon and arms; those who spread this whim are doing nothing but trying to shade our popularity."

Likewise, Indralal Sapkota, the General Secretary of CPN UML affiliated Democratic National Youth Federation (DNYF) pointed out the plight of youth unemployment and state's coldness on it. "Youth Ministry is just formed, but it has neither vision nor mechanism how to formulate youth development programs." Sapkota said in a frenzy mood, "Nepalese youth who are less than 16 years are massively mobilized in strikes, blockades, protests; paradoxically they have been denied to caste the vote in election" Sapkota said that his organization has been actively warning the concerned authorities about the voting rights of the youth who are already sixteen years old adding that state should provide employment or unemployed allowance to all youth.

Hurmat Neupane, General Secretary of Nepal Tarun Dal, the Nepali Congress's youth wing said that existence two army in the country is the big impediment in peace process. Pointing out the precarious situation of YCL & DNYF's wing Youth Force, Neupane said, 'youth leaders and cadres of political parties those in the government are actively contributing to derail the peace process; we have itenfied many of them vandalizing public properties' Neupane further said, it's YCL & Youth Force has enacted a drama as patching up their differences, but the reality is something very interesting and different from this."

Earlier to the interaction on YCL & Youth Force, Bishnu Narayan Yadav, from Madheshi Yuva forum, youth wing of Madheshi Jana Adhikar Forum said state is not serious in youth's agenda and issues. Yadav further said, "What we had hostility in the past, that need to be erased, it's a great platform and opportunity to open each other's new agenda how to cope with the existing problems that hindering peace path." Yadav received a pool of comments about his speech on Hindi.

During the interaction, many participants delivered their comments and mainly pointed out that unless army adjustment is done, difficulties in peace path will continue.

Covering youth from all sectors, the roundtable was participated by CA Members Khuma Subedi & Rajkaji Maharjan (NCP Maoist), Ram Kumar Sharma (TAMALOPA), Ms Asha Kumari Sardar (Madheshi Jana Adhikar Forum). The CA members informed to the participants that they always advocate the issues of youth in the Constituent Assembly. Others who also spoke on youth participation were Surendra Subedi from ANNFSU (R), Binod Khanal from ANNFSU, Manojmani Acharya from NSU, Suresh Mandal form TMSU, Omprakash Bhatta from Madeshi Student Union. They were focused to draw the attention towards education, health and employment.

The roundtable was chaired by Pralhad Giri, President of Youth Forum Nepal where representatives from United Nation's OHCHR, National Human Rights Commission, Nepal Government, Shelga Nepal, Help Nepal, Yocap Nepal, UNESCO, USAID, DFID, Major Broadcast & Print Media participated in the program.

The roundtable ended with separate statements from youth leader about their commitment on peace building and major youth issues.

The roundtable was moderated by renowned youth film director Narayan Puri.

Youth need to mobilize for rapid awareness of Climate Chan
Birgunj, September 14


Youth Forum Nepal, in association with its regional office based in Birgunj organized a one day Interaction program covering various ethnic societies of youth in the issue of youth's role in raising awareness towards Climate Change. 50 students from various colleges from Birgunj and Kalaiya took part on the talk programme.

Talking to the program as chair on president, Mr. Pralhad Giri from Youth Forum Nepal said that it's high time to mobilize youth in the field of rapid awareness of climate change and other crucial issues if nation is to achieve the coved goals of social and economic transformation. adding that Without having effective youth participation, the dream of Nepal can not be achieved.

Shambhu Chaurasiya, was the chief guest of the interaction program stressed to put the young people in the forefront of climate change issues. He said that government is trying all possible ways in spreading the awareness with a intention to get the youth deployed as ambassador of environment awareness.  Pointing out the precarious situation of the country's youth, Chaurasiya said," Conservation of forests and plantation is what needed to minimize the dumped carbon in the atmosphere; hence youth need to know the real fact how our life is devastating each and every day."

Likewise, Mahesh Das of Avenues TV's Regional Bureau In charge in Birgunj praised the efforts of Youth Forum Nepal to bring such awarenewss campaign to out of Kathmandu valley. He was of the opinion that mostly the programs are run in Kathmandu, hence local people outside from valley are always deprived to get trained from the experts in regard to crucial facts about life. Mr. Das also highlighted the plight of youth of the country and state's inability to cover them up with such awareness campaign.

Another speaker Mr. Jagdish Sharma, Chief Editor of Prateek Daily said that climate change is knocking our door every now and then, emerged by human acitivities. "It is youth who involve many times in burning tyres that evokes the carbon emission in the atmosphere." Sharma said. "Youth should utilize their time in doing better work like spreading knowledge and awareness, climate change issue can be one of them." Sharma concluded.

The programme was also speech by Ramesh Sedhain, Member of Human Rights and Peace Society Birgunj Chapter, Sudeep Gautam of Student Awareness Forum. The program converted into a lively debate when participants started asking many questions and queries to the guests on dias. In the program, a speech competition based on youth's role on climate change was the major attraction of the program where Payal Maskara, Tika Patel and Piyush Gupta bagged the first, second and third prize respectively. The prize was distributed by Rajendra P. Koirala, Regional Coordinator of Youth Forum Nepal and Mr. Shambhu Chaurasiya, District Forest Officer of Parsa. A wide range of various students from different colleges, members of civil society organizations, journalists and youth volunteers attend the interaction program.

Youth & Climate Change: Time for action
Youth Forum Nepal commemorated International Youth Day 2008
Kathmandu, 12 August 2008
Kathmandu, 12 August. The world is getting warmer and human activity is a major cause of this. This fact was underlined and broadly discussed in a one day interaction program organized by Youth Forum Nepal at Hotel Orchid to commemorate International Youth Day 2008.

The problem is now urgent but the situation is not entirely hopeless, at least, not yet. Many people care about global warming, but as young people, we are the next generation and we feel that we have the most at stake.' said Pralhad Giri, Chairman of Youth Forum Nepal.

'Global warming is causing "massive problem" for Nepal, melting snows and bringing deadly floods despite our low greenhouse gas output. The towering mountain range that forms Nepal's northern border with Tibet is showing worrying evidence of global warming,' said Bhushan Tuladhar, Executive Director of ENPHO and Senior Environmentalist during presenting a paper on "Youth and Climate Change". 'Our contribution is very low in the global context but the effects of global warming on our country are very high and costly. Climate change is causing Nepal massive problems like rapid snow-melting, glacial lake outbursts and resulting deadly floods including receding snow lines, too much rainfall, haphazard weather patterns that could result in flash floods and drought.' Tuladhar remarked.

Likewise, highlighting on effect of climate change on human health, Dr. Bharat Rawat, Consultant Cardiologist and Executive Director of Norvic International Hospital said that climate variability and change cause death and disease through natural disasters, such as heatwaves, floods and droughts. 'The result is common vector- borne diseases such as malaria and dengue; as well as other major killers such as malnutrition and diarrhoea.' Dr. Rawat said during the interactive session.  Adding that climate change has positive and direct effect on human health, Dr. Rawat said that risk of diseases like Malaria, Kalaazar and Japanese Encephalitis outbreak on health is another potential impact of climate change.

In the program, Arun Bhakta Shrestha, Climate Change Specialist from ICIMOD highlighted the common scenario of climate change in Himalayan region especially in Nepal. He said that over the past 30 years the number of extreme weather events such as floods, droughts, storms and heat waves has trebled world wide.  He was of the opinion that these dramatic changes have also caused the sea levels to rise, threatened wildlife, reduced the amount of safe drinking water and increased the spread of disease.

'It is estimated that a temperature rise of 4oC can result in the loss of 70% of snow and glacier area due to melting of snow and ice. This melt water will contribute to the faster development of glacier lakes, and this will lead to increased potential for Glacier Lake out burst flood hazards.' Shrestha outlined.

Likewise, the program was also given speech by Prakash Jung Karki, Director of Nepal Television about the necessary of active youth participation in the sector of climate change. Karki said that the combination of youth leadership and civic activism offers great promise as a valuable approach in the broad constellation of positive youth development strategies in tackling climate change challenges.

Earlier, Subhash Giri, on behalf of Youth Forum Nepal highlighted the need of active youth participation in building the general consensus and methodology to take action about climate change repercussions.

Giving vote of thanks, Chairman of Youth Forum Nepal Pralhad Giri believed that Nepali youth community will solve the problem that has already inspired so much adversity around the nook and corner of the country. 'But it all begins with youth taking advantage of the multitude resources available in order to rally peers and make a difference.' Giri added.

The program carried a wide variety of youth from many colleges. The program was lively and interactive having the interactive and presentation mixture. The interaction program was supported by WWF Nepal in association with Chaudhary Group and Sky Net Express Worldwide Courier.

This program was supported by:
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Let youth come out from their hidden caves
Concludes First Pre-volunteers Meeting of YFN
Kathmandu, 14 July 2008

"Youth should come forward from all hidden places in the nook and corner of the country, to collectively fight against all discriminations knowingly imposed upon it." A group of thirty youth concluded on Sunday at Pre-Volunteers Meeting of Youth Forum Nepal, an NGO dedicating towards advocating, awaring and empowering young people.

"Today Kamal Nepali is one of the examples, there could be many other youth who are willingly contributing their daring performances in saving many human lives, but are denied to come in front of national limelight due to vicious circle of caste and ethnic discrimination." said Pralhad Giri, the chairperson of Youth Forum Nepal. "It's high time for us to expose those hidden heroes". Giri added.

On behalf of the pre-volunteers, Richa Bhattarai from National College remarked that youth have potentials but lack of opportunities, which has made the youth in absolute dilemma.

At the program, the advisor of Youth Forum Nepal Mr. Arjun Giri said that there is strong need of youth unity by all sectors to pressurize crucial issues to the concerned authorities.

Likewise, Senior Program Officer Mr. Shashi Bhushan Ray stressed the need of committed youth at Youth Forum Nepal, for devoting their commitment towards fostering youth awareness and empowerment.

The meeting was conducted by the Public Relation & Outreach Unit of the Youth Forum Nepal, with an eye to execute Youth Forum Nepal's youth advocacy programs.

The meeting was held at United World Trade Centre, Tripureshwor amongst the attendances of thirty youth activists. Interaction with the major youth activists and the pre-volunteers was the major attraction.


Capacity Building Programs Completed

Kathmandu, 1 July 2008
Youth Forum Nepal successfully organized various Capacity Building Programs starting from 3rd of May 2008 to 23 June 2008. The training was very successful and worthwhile according to the participants.

Total 50 youth participated at YFN's Capacity Building Programs, which was a part of YFN program. The courses offered during the program were Training on Communication Skills, IT and Report Writing, Financial Management in NGO /INGO Leadership Training, Training on Advocacy Interaction and Debate and Training on Human Resources Management and Development. The programs aimed at empowering YFN's own active members and other volunteers in the sector of program development, fundraising and leadership. The program were facilitated by Pralhad Giri, Arjun Giri, Kamal Khanal and Sashi Bhushan Ray.

Discussion Programs on Youth's role in Constituent Assembly Election

Kathmandu, 15 January, 2008

A discussion program on Youth's role in Constituent Assembly Election was organized amidst youth student leaders and academicians on 15th January, 2008 at Youth Forum Nepal premises. The program intended to identify, a) youth's participation in successful election campaign b) contribution of youth for peace building process c) youth's duties on publicity campaign of political parties d) obstacles that may occur in Terai region following unidentified gangsters e) Review on security and law & order system during election f) watchdog role of observation of free & fair election by youth.

The chief speaker of the program was Mr. Thakur Gairhe, Chairman of All Nepal National Free Student Union (ANNFSU).


Research on the Young Female those involved in unorganized prostitution in Thamel Area of Kathmandu

Kathmandu, March 5

Youth Forum Nepal carried out intensive report on the plight of young girls involved in prostitution in different restaurants and Massage Parlours surrounding Thamel, a tourist destination of Kathmandu Valley. This report reveals that girl aged between 15 and 36 is first allured for a better job and then knowingly involved in prostitution.

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Two-day workshop on Professional Writing Skills

Birgunj, December 23-24, 2007

Youth Forum Nepal organised two-day workshops on Professional Writing Skills in Birgunj, Parsa to develop the writing skills of young student from 23rd December through 24th December, 2007.

20 students from three different colleges and schools participated at the workshop, out of 12 students were girls.  The participated colleges are Thakur Ram Multiple Campus, Hari Khetan Campus, Birgunj Commerce Campus.

The course covered the whole course on Writing tips & techniques including How to play with words, How to write professionally, Writing different kinds of letter impressively, How to write effective report, How to write proposal, Creativity in writing, How to develop writing skills, Know common error in writing, Help solving real life situation. According to the participants, the workshop was very fruitful to them for their writing professional career.

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