Awareness Campaign

We have a big belief. We believe that development towards every a single youth is development in a society. The multiplying effect of youth development is what society’s transformation takes place. Youth awareness is what a youth need today. Being discriminated by every means, Nepalese youth from all facets of society can not come forward towards their own development. This has become even more ironic that youth lack of the knowledge and resources. Youth Forum Nepal thus vows to make its campaign one of the best programs that aware young people towards their every rights and national building process. To achieve the goals of awareness, Youth Forum Nepal works in every community with a mission of creating vibrant communities, innovative learning centers, and strong families that support youth to become responsible, productive, and inspired citizens. We hope our innovate process will help create positive and supportive community settings that contribute to a young person’s development.

Our programs towards overall youth awareness reach every community that needs to get knowledge and involve.

The following points highlight key principles of participatory approaches in awareness campaign:
->Offering space for inter-action of participants, avoid passive listening
->Respect for individual knowledge and skills
->Ensuring influence over project decisions, not simply involvement
->Participation is a learning process as much as an outcome
->An approach and attitude rather than a specific set of technical skills.