Youth Resource Centre

Resource is the vital tool of learning and gaining knowledge. In Nepalese society, there’s a saying, ‘ki padhera janinchha ki ta parera janinchha.” It means you will get knowledge by learning or by experiencing. We believe that, to get experience, one need to be kept abreast of essential knowledge. Youth Forum Nepal thus aims at developing Youth Resource Centre (YRC), which will provide all information to youth. We are going to make Youth Forum Nepal, a complete Youth Resource Centre so that young people can take advantage of all useful resources they are in need of.

With a recent research carried out by Youth Forum Nepal, the Nepalese youth are in search of the following information.

Employment links available in national and international territory. Health consciousness especially HIV AIDS/early & unwanted pregnancy Getting rid of drug addiction Appropriate life partners Counseling to many harassment pertinent to daily walks of life Academic guidance especially pursuing higher study in abroad.

The Youth Resource Center under Youth Forum Nepal will have a wide collection of information and updates on above mentioned topics. With the help of YRC, youth may be able to identify their real problems and find the best way to take action. For example, The Government of Korea and The Government of Nepal have signed agreement in using Nepalese workers in Korea. Many youth of Nepal now wandering in the street how to get work under the quota provided by the Government of Korea. YFN’s YRC will have a pool of all related information that a youth needs to apply for Korean job. Likewise, information about the repercussions on smoking and HIV/AIDS will also be the significant resources for young people.