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Youth Forum Nepal (YFN) is a non-government, non-profit making social organization established in 2007 by a group of motivated professionals working in the field of social work. YFN aims of enterprising youths that seek to bring positive changes in the society through moral, social, psychological, and intellectual transformations of youths. Youths have potentials and ideas but they lack orientation and we are here to provide them with appropriate materials and tools. YFN works to strengthen bonds between young people and their community.
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  9 Aug. 14 Climate Change Speech Competition  


  Youth Advocacy  

Youth Development in Nepal is a broad conceptual term. To reflect this, Youth Forum Nepal's programs are especially designed to offer young people the opportunity to identify common values with other young people from different countries in spite of their cultural differences.

Youth Forum Nepal's main motto is youth awareness. Advocacy on youth issues is a part of its work, thus undergoes various level of advocacy models. Youth are advocated under various ways, particularly:

  • Focusing on building co-operatively based leadership skills and values.
  • Building on the leadership skills of student and youth leaders by making them key participants in the planning and facilitation process of the workshops.
  • Identifying and nurture future youth leaders and connect them to existing co-operatively based programs for further leadership training.
  Youth Resource Centre  

Resource is the vital tool of learning and gaining knowledge. In Nepalese society, there's a saying, 'ki padhera janinchha ki ta parera janinchha." It means you will get knowledge by learning or by experiencing. We believe that, to get experience, one need to be kept abreast of essential knowledge. Youth Forum Nepal thus aims at developing Youth Resource Centre (YRC), which will provide all information to youth. We are going to make Youth Forum Nepal, a complete Youth Resource Centre so that young people can take advantage of all useful resources they are in need of.

With a recent research carried out by Youth Forum Nepal, the Nepalese youth are in search of the following information:

  Employment links available in national and international territory. Health consciousness especially HIV AIDS/early & unwanted pregnancy Getting rid of drug addiction Appropriate life partners Counseling to many harassment pertinent to daily walks of life Academic guidance especially pursuing higher study in abroad  
The Youth Resource Center under Youth Forum Nepal will have a wide collection of information and updates on above mentioned topics. With the help of YRC, youth may be able to identify their real problems and find the best way to take action. For example, The Government of Korea and The Government of Nepal have signed agreement in using Nepalese workers in Korea. Many youth of Nepal now wandering in the street how to get work under the quota provided by the Government of Korea. YFN's YRC will have a pool of all related information that a youth needs to apply for Korean job. Likewise, information about the repercussions on smoking and HIV/AIDS will also be the significant resources for young people.
  Capacity Building  

Capacity building is a part of youth development. It is ongoing, uneven and complex, which is heavily mediated through relationships; influenced by environment; and is triggered by participation, expectations and opportunities for involvement, commitment, contribution and learning.

The irony of Nepalese Society is such that it reacts with fragmented and disjointed responses to youth problems and that no real plan exists to address promotion of youth strengths. Although no one method may be perfect to address the challenges in creating effective capacity building, that are taking steps to find the best among a wide range of possible solutions.
For us, capacity building is the ongoing process in which young people are engaged in building the skills, attitudes, knowledge and experience that prepare them for their present and future. After all, it's an inevitable process in which all youth are engaged and empowered as well.

In part of capacity building of youth, Youth Forum Nepal organizes regular workshops and seminars to strengthen the capacity of young people. What is more, the Youth Forum, the TV show is the symbol of making youth's capacity uplifted in terms of their voice being widely spread and heard.

Youth Forum Nepal's
 Capacity Building Program
finalized by board meeting of 3.5.2008
S.N. Activity Facilitated by Time & date Expected Participants
1. Training on Communication Skills, IT and Report Writing
• Developing basic outline in writing skills, appropriate use of word
Pralhad Giri &  Sushil Aryal May 31st  2008
9:00am to 11:00am
Internal/youth volunteers
2. Financial Management in NGO /INGO
• Concept of recording book keeping system
• preparation of financial statement and budget proposal and forecasting
Anil KumarRay / Arjun Giri / Ranjit Yadav 7th June 2008
Internal/youth volunteers
3 Leadership Training

Pralhad Giri/ Kamal Khanal / Anju Pradhan

7th June 2008
Internal/youth volunteers
4 Training on Advocacy Interaction and Debate
*Concept and rationale of advocacy
* Enhanced understanding what advocacy and communication is about? How to start?
*National advocacy
Pralhad Giri/ Kamal Khanal 14h June 2008 Internal/youth volunteers
5 Training on Human Resources Management and Development
Concept of HR & Development
• Emerging trend and concept on HRM
AnjuPradhan / Arjun Giri 147h June 2008
Internal/youth volunteers
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